What is MECA?

MTÜ Mehhatroonika Assotsiatsioon (Association of Mechatronics – MECA) is non-profit organization founded in 2008. Main objective of MECA is improvement of Estonian industry through development of high-tech production, integrating for that companies, universities, research and development centres, support structures and other institutions and private persons (especially those of the fields of machinebuilding and metalworking industry, electronics and information and communication technology) and creating them favourable development conditions through different activities.

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Project CLUSME (CB216)

During 01.09.2015-31.08.2018 MECA participates in the international project CLUSME (CB216). CLUSME project is going to develop the collaboration between clusters in Central Baltic region to improve the increase of export volumes and therefore the competitiveness of Estonian and Finnish mechanical engineering and mechatronics sector. The main objective is create preconditions for successful export to new […]

Innoreg project finalizing seminar on 15 May 2013

Project Innoreg (SFE23) finalizing seminar “E-manufacturing in e-state – smart solutions in high-tech production” takes place in May 15, 2013. Project Innoreg was co-financed by Interreg IVA programme. Post added: 09.05.2013